martes, 19 de abril de 2016

New York Results Primary 19/4/2016

Today the Democratic and Republican primaries are taking place in the state of New York in what is seen as a vital date on the campaign trail.

Questions abound on the Republican side, as Businessman turned politician Donald Trump strives to obtain the 1,237 delegates he requires in order be the party`s nominee. However, his chances have taken some serious blows in recent weeks, losing to Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Utah, Wisconsin and Colorado.

Despite these setbacks, Trump has remained defiant and continued with his bullish manner, unfazed by these defeats.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton are Bernie Sanders are locked in a fierce battle with the campaign rhetoric heating up somewhat, although it remains highly cordial compared to the Republican race.

The favorites to triumph in the state are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton according to the latest polls, as soon as the results are available they will be published here.

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